Mini Drop Gold Earrings

Mini Drop Gold Earrings

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Handmade earrings featuring a flowing drop out of metal.


- Total length: 26mm

- Wire hook


- Solid 925 sterling silver

- 18ct Gold Plating

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A pair of Bonvo Mini Drop Gold Earrings with simple hook fastenings. The sterling silver base is complemented by a sleek and shiny gold plating, and they hang elegantly from their hooks. The design is minimalist and modern, providing a touch of sophistication.
Close-up of a person’s ear wearing two pieces of gold-plated jewelry. The first is a hoop with three small golden balls that sit snugly around the upper part of the ear, and the second is an elegant handmade Bonvo Mini Drop Gold Earring hanging from the earlobe. The person has light brown hair.
A pair of Mini Drop Gold Earrings by Bonvo with hook fastenings, laid out against a white fabric background. These handmade earrings are simple and elegant, with a smooth, shiny finish that highlights their craftsmanship.
A close-up of a woman wearing a light green strappy top and small handmade Mini Drop Gold Earrings by Bonvo. The focus is on her neckline and shoulders with minimal makeup and her hair tied back. The background is plain, emphasizing the details of her attire and accessories.
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