Secant II Cufflinks

Secant II Cufflinks

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'Secant 2' fixed back cufflinks - a modern take on an old-school classic

Stunning through simplicity, these cufflinks are so minimal, you can hardly imagine anything more modest. Yet they are hardly boring. The metalic sheen of anodized aluminium, the cold feel of solid metal, the splash of colour on your cuff. Their every curve is carefuly designed, so they are easy to put on, they fit tightly and reflect light with the perfect & smooth elegance.

Anodized aluminium

Dimensions: 31 x 26 x 8 mm

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Two sleek metal objects, crafted from anodized aluminium, rest on a white background. The object on the left has a hook-like shape with a vertical slot, while the one on the right features a T-shaped form with similar slots. Both exude a modern, minimalistic aesthetic reminiscent of elegant Secant II Cufflinks by Filip Vanas.
Two modern, dark grey, anodized aluminium cufflinks are displayed on a white background. The Secant II Cufflinks from Filip Vanas feature an abstract, crescent-like design and sleek, smooth surfaces, creating a bold and artistic aesthetic.
A close-up of a person wearing a dark suit jacket with a white dress shirt underneath. The shirt cuff, featuring Filip Vanas Secant II Cufflinks shaped like moustaches, is prominently displayed. The person's arm is bent, and their hand is partially visible.
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